This is where I will be selling off my doubles and items I no longer need in my beloved Resident Evil collection.

If you are interested in any of the items, you can either email me or contact me through Twitter or Instagram (all links are at the top of this page).

Please note that NONE of the prices include shipping, I will have to calculate that separately for you.  Also, please note that I will send everything tracked and insured, I know it’s more expensive but it gives me peace of mind, and you! If you are international (I’m in the UK) you may also have to pay customs charges so please be aware of that.

I’m not an asshole, all prices are negotiable but please don’t try and take the piss.  In most cases I’m just trying to get the amount of money I paid for it.

I’ll hold anything you’re interested in for 48 hours maximum (after telling you the shipping costs), if you don’t pay in that time, it’ll be back up for grabs unless you contact me with specifics.

Please be sure you can pay me via Paypal, also make sure sure your payment is in POUNDS STERLING GBP and lastly PLEASE send as “Friends and Family” as this has nothing to do with my business, it is my own private personal collection.

If you need any other information about an item, just ask 😉

All sales are final 🙂