LEFT 4 DEAD 2 Lil’ Peanut Earrings


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Left 4 Dead 2 Lil’ Peanut Earrings.

Poor Lil’ Peanut… come on, admit it, who hasn’t accidently shot him once or twice in the Peanut Gallery when trying to free Gnome Chompski?

I thought the safest place for him was on your earlobes 😉

Silvertone fish hook earrings for pierced ears only.
The charms are made from acrylic.

Charm is approx 1.3″ in length.

Acrylic is a tough non-flexible plastic which is just over 1mm thick.
It is completely flat in appearance, any similarities to a 3D object is only because it has been cleverly shaded that way.
The charms are one sided only, the other side is plain white.
It has been varnished so is waterproof to a certain degree although I would not recommend wearing it whilst swimming or showering.

The earrings are sent attached to a plastic earring card, if you would like them gift boxed, then please see the listing here.