Resident Evil 4 Attache Case


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Resident Evil 4 Attache Case.

Inspired by the GREATEST video game series of all time, I present to you:
Leon’s Attache Case.

Featuring 23 items, most of which have been lovingly handcrafted and handpainted by me.

The attache case includes the following items:

1) Gun
2) Rocket Launcher
3) Gun Ammo
4) Shotgun Ammo
5) Green Herb
6) Red Herb
7) Yellow Herb
8) First Aid Spray
9) Black Bass
10) Chicken Egg
11) Brown Chicken Egg
12) Gold Chicken Egg
13) Chewing Gum (of course this HAD to be included)
14) Photos of Ashley and Ada
15) Maps of the Village, Castle and Island
16) File on Ashley
17) Letter From Ada

The items are of mixed media and measure up to 52mm in length.

Please note that the items are not fixed inside the case because I know how anal everyone is about arranging theirs ;p  Therefore, you can re-arrange this one to your heart’s content!

The attache case is silver metal with fully working opening mechanism which gives that very satisfying click sound. It is lined in black velour and has a black faux leather back pocket.
It measuresapprox 9.8cm x 6.5cm

Lastly, a LOT of work goes into this design and each piece is made to order. Please allow up to 14 days before shipping and then shipping times will depend on your location (usually 3 days for UK and 21 days for international.

Please note that this item is sent via registered shipping only.