Resident Evil Goat of Warding Logo and Bead Necklace



Inspired by the GREATEST video game series of all time, I present to you:
Goat of Warding Logo and Bead Necklace.

This necklace has been lovingly handmade by me to represent the Goat of Warding in the Resident Evil game.

Pesky little buggers and extremely easy to miss, it’s taken me 4 playthroughs to get them all and even then I had to resort to a guide! Remember to keep this one safe though or feel Mother Miranda’s wrath!

Silver plated 17″ chain necklace with gold tone glass bicone beads and a lobster claw fastening.
The Village logo is acrylic.

The logo charm is approx 1.5″ in width and the goat charm approx 13mm x 9mm.

Acrylic is a tough non-flexible plastic which is just over 1mm thick.
It is completely flat in appearance, any similarities to a 3D object is only because it has been cleverly shaded that way.
The charms are one sided only, the other side is plain white.
It has been varnished so is waterproof to a certain degree although I would not recommend wearing it whilst swimming or showering.

This necklace comes with a standard 17″ chain (the charm makes the overall length just over 18″) , however I can supply an extension chain at no extra charge. Just leave a note for me when you purchase your item.