Resident Evil Licker Necklace


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Resident Evil Licker Necklace.

Have you ever seen a Licker look so freaking adorable!!!

Acrylic Licker charm with long pink ribbon tongue on a 18″ silver plated necklace with lobster claw fastening.

Licker charms are approx 1.2″ in length with a 7″ (or so) ribbon tongue.

You are free to cut the tongue to a desired length if you don’t want it too long.  You can also “style” the tongue by wrapping it around a pen and blasting a hot hair dryer on it.  Just be careful not to melt the ribbon or set your house on fire!

Acrylic is a tough non-flexible plastic, with a textured finish which is just over 1mm thick.
It is completely flat in appearance, any similarities to a 3D object is only because it has been cleverly shaded that way.
It has been varnished so is waterproof to a certain degree although I would not recommend wearing it whilst swimming or showering.