SLIGHTLY IMPERFECT Resident Evil 4 Las Plagas Necklace


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Every now and then, I accidently produce a piece which doesn’t quite make the cut due to my OCD induced high standards.  It’s a shame to let these go to waste, especially when you consider that I put just as much effort into these pieces, it’s just unfortunate that something didn’t work out during the process.  Most of the imperfections will only be noticeable when you really scrutinize it, nothing will be unwearable.  Most imperfections will be caused by air bubbles, glue drips, uneven paint/enamel/resin coverage etc etc.  I state clearly in each listing what the actual problem is.  Please note that the photos used are still the original as most of the imperfections are hard to photograph.

SLIGHTLY IMPERFECT Resident Evil 4 Las Plagas Inspired Virus Necklace.

Please note that the imperfection on this piece is due to the glue running down inside the test tube leaving glue marks on the inside glass.

Inspired by the GREATEST video game series of all time, I present to you:
Las Plagas Inspired Virus Necklace.

This necklace has been lovingly handcrafted by me to represent the Las Plagas Virus from Resident Evil 4. The necklace is presented in a handy one dose vial although side effects may differ from person to person. I recommend only using as a last resort because “order and balance” doesn’t usually follow so enjoy your mutation while it lasts 😉

The necklace measures 18″ in length (if you need a longer length, just let me know) and has a lobster claw fastening.
The Las Plagas measures approx 4cm in length and 8mm to 11mm wide.
Please note that the vial is glass and care will need to be taken.

Also looks just as good as a miniature on your collection shelf 😉

Both necklace and charm are completely nickle free.

You will receive your necklace in a gift box making this the perfect present for any diehard Resident Evil fan.