The Walking Dead Charm Keychain


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TWD Zombie Apocalypse Charm Keychain

Silvertone charm keyring which is approx 5.5″ in length.
The charms are of mixed materials including silver and brasstone metal and clay. Charms range in size up to 1.75″ .

Each keychain is loaded with the following charms:
1). T.W.D Initials
2). Pocket Watch
3). Crossbow
4). Diamond Engagement Ring
5). Map
6). Handgun
7). Stag
8). Sheriff Hat
9). Chocolate Pudding
10). Machete
11). Squirrel
12). Bible
13). Walker
14). Angel Wings
15). Baby Bottle
16). Motorbike

PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes it may be necessary to use an alternate charm to the ones pictured, please be aware of this. All substitions will be as similar as possible to the original charm.