Zombie Hunter Bloody Weapon Charm Bracelet



ZOMBIE HUNTER Bloody Weapon Charm Bracelet

Silvertone charm bracelet with T-bar fastening which is approx 7″ in length

The charms are all silver plated and nickle free covered in blood from the latest zombie kill.

Unfortunately due to the extremely strict gun laws in the United Kingdom and most European countries we could be easily over run in the middle of a zombie apocalypse so we have to be a bit more resourceful when it comes to dealing with hoardes of the undead.

Melee weapons are the way to go and thankfully most of us have a household full of useful items ideal for taking down those walkers.

Each bracelet is loaded with the following melee weapon charms necessary to help any survivor of the zombie apocalypse:

Baseball Bat
Fireman’s Axe

Charms range in size up to 3.5cm.

To finish the set off, there is a round metal charm with the words “KEEP CALM AND KILL ZOMBIES”.

The charms have been carefully arranged to compliment each other and hang comfortably on the wrist.

PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes it may be necessary to use an alternate charm to the ones pictured, please be aware of this. All substitions will be as similar as possible to the original charm.