Shaun of the Dead Charm Bracelet


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Shaun of the Dead “You’ve Got Red On You” Charm Bracelet.

Inspired by one of the greatest zombie movies of all time, I present to you:
You’ve Got Red On You Charm Bracelet.

Featuring a whopping 25 charms, most of which have been lovingly handcrafted and handpainted by me.

The charms should be instantly recognizable to any Shaun of the Dead fan. I carefully selected a wide range of items to best represent the movie.

The bracelet is adorned with the following charms:
1) You’ve Got Red On You tag
2) “W”
3) Shaun Name Badge
4) Cup of Tea
5) Cornetto
6) Lighter
7) Zombie
8) Mars Bar
9) Bouquet of Flowers
10) Gun (yeah, sorry it’s not a rifle)
11) Vinyl Record
12) Spade (or Shovel, whatever you want to call it)
13) Shaun’s Shirt
14) Cricket Bat
15) Jukebox
16) Umbrella
17) Dartboard + Dart
18) Hockey Stick
19) Pork Scratchings
20) Camera
21) Playstation Controller
22) Pint of Lager
23) Diet Cola
24) Cigarettes
25) Pickle (see what I did there 😉

The charms are of mixed media and measure up to 5.5cm in length.
They are attached to a silver plated stainless steel (nickle free) charm bracelet.

The bracelet is available as either the 7″ standard version (shown) with a toggle and t-bar fastening or an adjustable 7″ – 9″ length (for a small extra charge) with a lobster claw and extension chain fastening.
Please note that most wrists do fit the standard version.

You will receive your charm bracelet in a gift box making this the perfect present for any diehard zombie fan.

Lastly, as I said, a LOT of work goes into this bracelet and each bracelet is made to order. Please allow up to 10 days before shipping and then shipping times will depend on your location (usually 3 days for UK and 21 days for international.